Italian language courses in Rome

When we began in 1984, we were three enthusiastic teachers.
A year later, the Rhode Island School of Design called and asked us to organize italian classes for their students. Cornell University soon followed in their footsteps, then in 1995, British Airways.
Today we are around 20 teachers and we collaborate with many institutions, embassies, schools and universities. We have two sites in Rome where we welcome students of all ages, from all over the world. Whether they come from Spain or the United States, remain for two weeks or two months, all of our students agree – the opportunity to study Italian in Rome is a unique, fantastic experience.

Principal: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 184, Rome.
Secondary: Piazza della Cancelleria 85, Rome.
Tel. (+39) 06-69941314, 06-69294455, 335-8269915;
fax +39/0669202174
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-6:30pm
Friday, 9am-5pm.
Our secretaries speak Italian, English, German, French and Spanish fluently.


#ilLatoPositivo #elLadoPositivo #thePositiveSide

Ehi, guarda il lato positivo: oggi il Cioccolato costa meno di ieri.

🇬🇧Hey, look at the bright side: chocolate is cheaper today than yesterday.
🇪🇸Oye, mira el lado positivo: el chocolate es más barato hoy que ayer.
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Buon S.Valentino a tutti quelli che non hanno paura di dire "Ti amo". Tagga il tuo Valentino.🔖

🇪🇸Feliz día de San Valentín a todos aquellos que no tienen miedo de decir "Te amo". Tag a tu Valentín. 🔖
🇬🇧 Happy Valentine's day, to all those who are not afraid to say "I love you". Tag your Valentine. 🔖
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⚽️ Roma 2 - Porto 1 ⚽️
Ieri sera c'eravamo anche noi allo Stadio Olimpico a vedere la Champions League! 🥳
🇬🇧 Yesterday night at the Olympic Stadium to see the football match Roma vs Porto.
🇪🇸 Ayer por la noche en el Estadio Olimpico a ver el partido Roma vs Porto.
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Innamorati di Roma.

🇬🇧 Fall in love with Rome.
🇪🇸Enamorarse de Roma.
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Ehi, a chi hai detto vecchio?
Vieni a conoscere la cultura italiana contemporanea.

🇬🇧 Hey, who did you say old to?
Come and meet contemporary Italian culture.
🇪🇸 Oye, ¿a quién le dijiste viejo?
Ven y conoce la cultura italiana contemporánea. 🔛
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Why choose Italiaidea?

  • We are a historic school
  • Recognized by the Minster of Public Instruction

  • Partnered with major U.S.A. colleges and universities

  • For us, Italian isn’t just grammar

  • We also teach Italian culture

  • We are located in the center of Rome

  • We offer assistance with your entire stay

  • We organize extracurricular activities and guided visits

  • Our teachers are certified professionals