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There are many ways to learn a language like Italian, remaining comfortably at home or in your office: apps, YouTube, videos. Live online courses though are the only option when it comes to a crucial learning tool: interaction with a teacher, who must be a qualified professional.
It does not matter if you are a beginner at your first experience, or a student who took Italian classes in a school before: it is important to know how to navigate among the vast variety of offers and tools available on the web. Here are some tips then.

What kind of technological tools are needed for an online Italian course?

First of all, naturally, you will need an internet connection, preferably a wi-fi one. Be aware that your connection may be a bit slower, if you are in a place where many users share the same wi-fi.
What about devices? You can certainly use either a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC or Mac computer. If possible, though, a device with a screen larger than a smartphone is preferable, it will make easier the interaction with the teacher (and with the other students, if you take a group course).
Great, now that you have the appropriate connection and device, you need only one last step: choosing the right web platform for your course. Again, there are many options available, same are free and other require a payment: among the most popular in Italy you will find Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom. They are all user friendly and suit everyone’s needs. At Italiaidea we chose Zoom, a system approved by our partner American universities.

Which live online Italian course should I choose?

Italian language in not only grammar or conversation: Italy has an inestimable historical and artistic heritage, and we offer also courses on Italian culture and Italian Art History.
You can then choose if you prefer to attend a course by yourself or with other people: in the former case we offer individual classes, in the latter group courses.

Italiaidea is a school in Rome that have been offering courses of Italian as a second language since 1984. It provides online individual and group courses of Italian language and culture. Online group classes are offered with a maximum of 8 students.

How can I enroll and participate to the online courses offered at Italiadea?

Now that you are familiar with the essential tools and the online course offer, all you need to do is start! Let’s go through the necessary steps:
1. Choose the typology of online course most suitable to your need: individual, group, Italian language, Italian culture,
2. If you need more information, contact the school front desk, they will address any request you may have: information@italiaidea.com
3. Go on and enroll online on our website: online enrollment
4. Save the date on your calendar and… have a great course!

Learning a language like Italian will give you great satisfaction and the oportunity to appreciate even more Italy’s immense artistic and cultural heritage, either by exploring it online or by visiting us in person at the first possible opportunity.

Looking forward to having you with us!

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