I want to thank you and the whole institution as well for your warm accommodation and kind understanding regarding my situation. I enjoyed and will always cherish all my experiences in your school side by side with the learning i have had


It’s my third time here at school! I enjoy atmosphere of the place and most of all the people who work here and always welcome you with smile

Iwona, Australia

Italiaidea is a great team of very professional instructors. After only five weeks, I am impressed and so happy with how much my Italian has improved. Highly recommended!

Marguerite, Francia

I suggest Italiaidea to anyone who is curious about language learning and cultural immersion! Learn Italian quickly in the heart of Rome with native speakers!

Katy, USA

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to found Italiaidea

Julie, USA

Era molto bello studiare lì. Mi manca.

Olga, Russia

Voglio tornarci ancora.

Masahiro, Giappone

There is the place
we came together
The place of high spirits
No matter the weather.
We’ve done our job
And planted our seed
I will miss
Italiaidea, Italiaidea, indeed.

David, USA

Unsere Kunden

Over the years numerous institutions have chosen to work with us time and time again. Today, we collaborate with many embassies, foundations, associations, colleges and universities all over the world.
The institutions that offer academic credits for our italian courses are marked with an asterisk.

Our clients include:

Egyptian Academy
Spanish Academy
American Academy in Rome
British School
*Catholic University of America
*Central Michigan University
Church of Scotland
*Converse College
*Cornell University
*Dartmouth College
Dayton University
*De Paul University
Iowa State University
*Loyola College
*Michigan State University
Missionary Oblates of Immaculate Mary
North American College

*Ohio State University
*Ohio Dominican University
Ohio University
Order of the Sisters of Saint Bridget
*Pennsylvania State University
Pitzer College
Lithuanian Pontifical College
*Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
*Rhode Island School of Design
*Seton Hall University
Temple University
University of Colorado
*University of Illinois
University of Miami
University of Michigan
*University of Oregon
*University of Washington
Venerable English College
Yale University
British Airways

Bristol Myers
British American Tobacco
Mercedes Benz
Embassy of Angola
Canadian Embassy
Egyptian Embassy
French Embassy
German Embassy
Israeli Embassy
Mexican Embassy
Spanish Embassy
South African Embassy
USA Embassy
New York Times
Nortel Networks

Procter and Gamble
Singapore Airlines
Warner Bros
Bloomberg Channel
Beda College
Fox Channel
Pontifical Irish College
Yemen Airways
University of Chicago
University of Notre Dame
University of Southern California
Tulane University
*Assumption College
St. John’s University
Hertziana Library