Was sie über uns sagen

There is the place
we came together
The place of high spirits
No matter the weather.
We’ve done our job
And planted our seed
I will miss
Italiaidea, Italiaidea, indeed.

David, U.S.A.

Amerikanische Universitäten, die unsere Kunden sind

Amerikanische Universitäten, die Italiaidea für ihre Studienprogramme gewählt haben:

*Catholic University of America

*Central Michigan University

Converse College

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

De Paul University

Loyola College

Michigan State University


Ohio State University

Ohio Dominican University

Pennsylvania State University

Rensselaer polytechnic institute

Rhode island School of Design

Seton Hall University

University of Chicago

University of Illinois

University of Notre Dame

University of Oregon

University of Pittsburgh

University of St. Thomas

University of Southern California

University of Washington

Assumption College