Our team

Manuela Bianchi

If you’re looking at the sky, it’s because you still believe in something.
(Bob Marley)

Paolo Bultrini

I love people, music, and the pizza from Campo de’ Fiori.

Roberta Cavalieri

Hi, if you need help, you’ll find me right here on your left when you enter the office.

Carolina Ciampaglia

I teach film studies and am also the director of Italiaidea.

Floriana Ciniglia

I’m Flo and I’m always dancing, even when I’m talking about prepositions, verbs and articles.

Gabriella Curioso

I’m the one who organizes your Homestay in Rome.

Giulia Tiozzo

I’m not afraid of anything – except the cold!

Francesco Giorgi

Life is a state of mind.

Giulia De Napoli

If you see all grey, move the elephant!

Filippo Graziani

Among the films I recall from childhood, the one I love best is Cat People.

Letizia Mancuso

I’m happy to be exactly where I want to be, facing the world.

Antonella Mantovani

Verona, the sea, 2001, flowers-cookies-chocolates, Renaissance – that’s me.

Valentina Mariani

With my feet firmly planted on the ground, and my eyes gazing upward.

Costanza Marino

I travel, therefore I am. Better still if it’s with my bike.

Sabine Mayershofer

Hi, I’m Sabine and I’ve worked here forever.

Andrea Milano

The hindrances to knowledge are shame and fear; only madness could set us free from both.