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Learning Italian in Rome

Piazza San Pietro, RomeCome to Rome to learn Italian! There is no other city in the world where you can experience the emotion and the magic of walking among 2000 year-old monuments, Renaissance churches, 17th century parks, 19th century cafes, locations for many of Italian cinema’s greatest films, and stores of the 21st century.

RomeWhile learning Italian attending the courses at our school, Italiaidea, you will discover that Rome is an open-air theater which never ceases to amaze. It is an incredible city which enchants all with its great panoramas, piazzas, buildings, churches, ruins and museums; a great world capital which continues to maintain an authentic and traditional atmosphere in the peace of its small streets near its splendid piazzas bursting with people and life.

ancient RomeRome is the great mother, Fellini said, who accepts all and where all find what they are looking for: art, cuisine, religion, cinema, nightlife or the peace of a boat-trip on the river, the boutiques of the major Italian designers or just the small artisans’ workshops. At Italiaidea, our school in Rome, you will have the opportunity to study the language and culture of the “eternal city”.

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