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Italian Espresso: Italian language textbook

In 2002 Italiaidea, our Italian language school and Alma Edizioni began to collaborate in order to produce Italian Espresso.

Italian textbookIt is the first Italian course to be “made in Italy” specifically for university-level English speaking students of Italian, both in the United States and in Italy, and developed according to Foreign Language Acquisition Standards.

Utilizing over twenty years of Italian teaching experience in both English and American institutions, Italiaidea produced this two volume text, complete with CD and workbook.

Grammar points are clearly explained and summarized, calling on the students who want to learn Italian to understand the structures of and practice the Italian language them in a gradual course of learning which is designed to increase their autonomy.

Finally, a stimulating, dynamic and fun Italian language course, based on real situations in authentic and non-stereotypical Italian. The books also include cultural pages, written in English, on both Italians and life in contemporary Italy.

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