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Italian Art History course (CISA)

art-historyThe art history course consists of 24 hours made of 60 minutes each.

A panoramic overview of the history of Italian art from ancient times through 1700. Each week presents a look at a different period and stage of artistic development within Italy: ancient art, medieval, renaissance, mannerism, and baroque. Italian art will be explored through slides and related materials designed specifically for this overview. The class further includes visits to a variety of locations, churches, and museums (students are responsible for ticket costs). The starting dates and schedule allow participants to combine a course in culture with one in language studies. Each class has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants.

Courses Price List 2016

Registration fee for each course: 40 Euro 1 week, 60 Euro 2 weeks, 80 Euro from 3 weeks for 12 months; 100 euro (if accommodation requested).

Code Description Levels Total hours Euro
CISA Art History Course (CISA) Int / Adv 24 in 2 weeks 350

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